Terms & Conditions

■ Standard working hours – 9am – 6pm from Monday to Saturday.

■ Public holidays, Sunday are considered as non-standard working hours.

■ Members will be informed regarding yearly service schedule through tabeer international app.

■ All the spare parts needed to replace will be quoted with labour cost at the time of inspection through email or tabeer international app.

■ If tabeer international recommend to change a hardware or spare parts and the client chooses not to replace, then tabeer international fm shall not be held liable for any consequential damage.

■ replacement of spare parts provision and timescales are subject to availability within the uae.

■ All the spare parts supplied replaced by tabeer international will be covered by one year warranty.

■ Any testing, maintenance, diagnosis or tampering of hardware or spare parts by an external contractor will void the spare parts warranty.

■ Technicians are only permitted to undertake works that was described and scheduled by the coordination team as per the request from member prior to dispatch. any additional work required by the member ust be arranged with the coordination team directly and will be scheduled for a subsequent visit from tabeer international personnel.

■ All diagnosis of problems in the property must be undertaken by tabeer international. diagnosis by external contractors or any third part will not be accepted.

■ Required utilities like water, electricity must be provided at the clients cost for all kinds of maintenance works.

■ The technician should have the free and easy access to all ac, electrical, plumbing systems without the need for wall breaking, false ceiling removal, debris removal, excavation or rectification etc., if there is any, it will be quoted separately.

■ If scaffolding required for the completion of any work above the height of 3 meters, scaffolding providence will be quoted separately.

■ Any service in areas within the property that cannot be accessed safely through normal means, i.e. with standard ladders or can cause potential damage to the property are excluded from the service. a separate quote will be submitted.

■ The membership will be automatically renewed if the member don’t inform tabeer international within one month from the membership expiry date.

■Tabeer International reserve the right at our discretion to cancel any membership irrespective of reason and without liability by offering 30 days notice.

■ Maintenance visits will be subject to community access being provided 24/7-365 days. it is members responsibility to arrange the required community access requirements.

■ No refund.

■ Emergency call-out response timing: 2 hours.

■ NoN-Emergency call-out response timing: 4 hours.

■ Emergency call-out response timing (out of standard working time): 3 hours.

■ NoN-Emergency call-out response timing (out of standard working time): 6 hours.

■ emergency call-out response available at 24/7/365 days.

■ Eeach call-out has one hour time period. it will be started to calculate when the technician arrived at the members property.the next hour will be calculated as second call-out and will be the same calculation for the subsequent hours.

■ Any major works will be quoted at the time inspection through Tabeer international app.

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