General Maintenance

TAG ME is capable of providing all kinds of general maintenance services for commercial or residential units, We have a very wide set of trade skills and a high standard of workmanship and would like to be your first choice for any building and construction work, property maintenance, renovations or alterations.

We offer a complete service from full renovations to everyday general maintenance. With our team of qualified tradesmen we focus on the highest standard of work driven with our positive attitude at completing all jobs without hassles for our valued clients.



Our specialist plumbers can fix stubborn blocks and serious leaks quickly and efficiently.Whether you have a problem with your kitchen sink or outside guttering, we can help.



We know the feeling of frustration that arises when you lose power due to a faulty circuit breaker
or wiring, or any number of other situations, and we’re determined to ease your suffering. If you
are looking for professional electrical services, our well-trained and fully-equipped technicians
are available to handle your inquiries and their friendly demeanor will put you at eas throughout
the entire process!

Paint Job

We offer a wide range of solutions for your complete interior and/or exterior home repair, renovation and painting needs. Our skilled craftsmen provide all the work you require, from repairs to painting and more.


Our team can fix numerous minor and major home repairs in a variety of areas efficiently and on

Pest Control

You deserve to have a home free of bugs and rodents. We will help you get rid of those unwanted guests by utilizing the most powerful methods available.


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